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Teacher Minister Richard Overall

I was listening to a Chinese minister one day. His name was Watchman Nee. His message was called “Expected Christian Life”. I wasn’t what I thought it would be, because he wasn’t talking about our life today. He was talking about life when Jesus returns and reign on Earth. I only know two ministers to speak on that. In one case that pastor was verbally attacked. In the other case ignored. Watchman Nee pointed out that because the power of the god-man was so great, and that we’ve never used even 1/10th of that power, it is why we must learn to discipline ourselves, while under pressure. And to respond as Jesus did in every situation. That as you may know isn’t easy. From that, I began to see life as Training to be the god-man. Because we are talking about having tremendous power for eternity. So I attempt to answer the Whys of life. Like why does God let Satan run loose? Why was I born? Why do I have to pray? Pay tithes, give an offering? Why is life so hard at times? All the answers are in the Bible. 

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